Everything We Leave Behind

Everything We Leave Behind

I felt this was something that need to be shared. 

What am I leaving behind? If I were to die tomorrow, what would someone learn about me while going through my computer, my bedroom, my life? 

It’s astonishing, the level of knowledge that is available to the world about us today. Zchamu put it perfectly: “Piles upon piles of digital trails. Tweet streams and Facebook feeds. Blog posts, Instagram photos, forum conversations and/or arguments. Tracks left behind me, tracing every step.  With every tweet or comment, we write what we are going to leave behind us. Because we most assuredly will leave it behind.”

I’ll leave behind the petty arguments I had with past friends on Twitter; the stupid pictures I took on Instagram; every ridiculous, lonely tweet I posted on Twitter; all of the moments of my life recorded on Facebook; every thought on WordPress; all my old journals. I have books in which I’ve scribbled in the margins, clothes that told of my style, hidden stashes, yearbooks. I am all of these, and yet in which medium will you find all of me? Maybe that’s the saddest part – that nothing will ever capture exactly who I am, that these are only bits and pieces of the whole. 

What legacy will I leave behind? What will I have done in my life that is of note? Who will read these portions of this momentary and momentous life I led, and what truth will they garner from it, if any? 

And what will you leave behind when you go? 

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2 thoughts on “Everything We Leave Behind

  1. Hey thanks for following. I was going to comment on your bio page but couldn’t find the comment button. I enjoyed it. You come of as very motivating and optimistic, I look forward to your posts :)

    • Ashley Lora-Lee says:

      Thank you so much! And thanks for following! I look forward to reading more of your stuff as well; I promise to comment soon, just haven’t had a chance. :D

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